Emerging Tech
Emerging Tech

7 ambitious DARPA projects that will help out the military of the future

With a multibillion dollar annual budget and access to some of the sharpest minds around, few research labs can dream of matching DARPA. Here are 7 of the amazing projects they're creating.
Emerging Tech

The FDA approves special contact lenses that turn dark on sunny days

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given its stamp of approval to contact lenses which darken or lighten depending on how much ultraviolet radiation they come into contact with.
Emerging Tech

‘Omniphobic’ smartphone display coating repels it all, from water to peanut butter

Univerity of Michogan researchers have developed a clear 'omniphobic' screen coating that causes everything from water and oil to alcohol and even peanut butter to simply slide off its surface.
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Noninvasive brain zapping can make your hands feel things in VR

Neuroscience researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have found a new way to make people experience sensations in virtual reality by using a bit of trusty brain-zapping tech.
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We’re waiting! 7 technologies that sci-fi films promised us, but aren’t here yet

Cutting edge technology constantly makes us feel like we're living in the future, but there is still science fiction technology we'd love to see in the real world. Here are seven examples.
Emerging Tech

Robot bees on Mars — NASA funding a swarm of drones to explore the Red Planet

NASA is looking to take to the skies above the Red Planet. A Japanese-American team engineers is hoping to send a team of drones inspired by bees. The name of these flying bots? Marsbees, naturally.

From gold to greatswords, blockchain lets gamers truly own their loot

Centralized and controlled entirely by their developer, modern online games engage players, yet often leave them with little they can claim as their own. Blockchain will disrupt that status quo. It’s also sure to have unintended…
Emerging Tech

Is there horse in your hamburger? How blockchain could fight food fraud

In the global economy, products travel a long way before they reach retail shelves, and they may not always be what they seem. One company thinks blockchain can change that, and it’s starting with the food industry

City of Austin is hoping the blockchain can help protect the homeless

Austin is seeking new ways to use technology to address the issues of homelessness and is turning to blockchain in order to protect their identities.
Product Review

Monoprice makes the best 3D printer you can buy for under $400

About a year ago, we took monoprice’s $160 3D printer for a test drive and were totally blown away -- so now we’re back to test out its $400 Maker Select Plus printer and see if it’s worth the extra dough
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Hackers broke into a casino’s high-roller database through a fish tank

With connected devices multiplying every year, security flaws are increasing as well, and every device can provide access to your network. One casino found that out the hard way with the aquarium thermostat in its lobby.

Tesla boss admits company had been too reliant on robots

In a recent interview with CBS, Elon Musk discussed Tesla's production problems and admitted that the company relied too heavily on machines. "Humans are underrated," the CEO tweeted.