Emerging Tech
Emerging Tech

Blue Origin is working on the BE-4, a rocket engine that can launch 100 missions

Blue Origin, the rocket company founded by Jeff Bezos, announced that its new rocket engine would have the capacity to launch "100 full missions," as per CEO Bob Smith. The BE-4 should soon be ready to launch.
Emerging Tech

From monkey selfies to Intel allergies, here are the 7 weirdest tech lawsuits ever

When technology meets the legal system, things can get pretty weird. From monkey selfies to the evils of autocomplete, here are seven of the strangest tech-themed lawsuits in history.

Make yourself a better drone pilot with these handy mobile apps

Of course you want the best drone apps for your personal drone. Whether you're checking the weather, inputting an automated flight, capturing the perfect half-pipe run from above, these are the apps you need.

This chessboard isn’t haunted, it just moves the pieces on its own

Chess player? Having trouble finding opponents? If chess apps don't cut it for you, Square Off is a smart chess board that lets you interact with a physical board, while connecting you with millions of players around the world.

Nike’s 3D-printed uppers take weight off your feet

Nike is no stranger to innovation when it comes to crafting the perfect shoe. Now, it's taken its quest to a new level when the athletic company introduced Flyprint, a 3D-printed textile upper for your sneaker.
Emerging Tech

You can help a cyborg drummer get a new, improved robot arm so he can tour

Thanks to researchers at Georgia Tech, amputee Jason Barnes received a robot arm that lets him play the drums again. Now he's hoping to get a new, improved prosthesis to go on tour with.
Emerging Tech

Accidental mutant enzyme sounds scary, but it could help eliminate plastic waste

The world has a plastic waste problem. Fortunately, researchers from the U.K. and United States are here to help, courtesy of a newly created mutant enzyme that can break down PET bottles.
Emerging Tech

Boosted graces us with 4 skateboards, including its cheapest model yet

Boosted, the company known for its brightly wheeled eboards recently expanded its product offerings in a serious way. There are four new boards in two different forms, including one that is more affordable.
Emerging Tech

A new bracelet can detect if you’re being attacked, automatically call help

Researchers from the University of Alabama have developed a wearable device that could keep people safe in the face of possible physical assault, or elderly people experiencing a fall.

JPEG XS will be a faster format for 8K streaming, better VR, and safer drones

The organization behind the JPEG is aiming to create faster streaming without sacrificing quality. JPEG XS is a new file format that offers faster -- but not more -- compression for better live-streams.
Emerging Tech

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is on its way to the UAE

Just days after announcing that its Hyperloop test track is one step closer to completion in France, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is breaking ground again and moving forward with the first commercial Hyperloop system in the UAE.
Smart Home

Sleep with the fishes in the world’s first underwater villa

The Maldives is about to open what's said to be "the world's first underwater residence." The plush accommodation will allow guests to lose themselves in the stunning marine life that surrounds their room.