Emerging Tech
Emerging Tech

Drones are delivering burritos directly to the homes of rural Australians

A new drone delivery trial by Project Wing involves dropping burritos and medicine to folks in rural Australia. The real-world testing is helping to refine the system so the drone can find the best delivery spots.

Using drones to charge your EV while you’re driving is Amazon’s latest idea

You're driving along in your EV and you notice it's low on power, so you summon a drone for a top up. That's the idea outlined in Amazon's latest patent, granted by the USPTO earlier this month.
Emerging Tech

Explore our solar system with Google’s new maps of Pluto, Venus, and more

In Google's never-ending quest to map everything, the company recently extended its Street View platform to the Space Station. With the latest update, the company created interactive Google Maps of many of our celestial neighbors.
Emerging Tech

Amazing new spray-on cement could help old buildings survive earthquakes

Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed a new type of cement which can be sprayed onto the walls of existing buildings, and will help make them more earthquake resistant.
Emerging Tech

Just in time for Halloween, this spooky robot mask will help teach you to code

There are plenty of cool robotics projects that will teach you how to code, but only one that involves a super-creepy Phantom of the Opera style robot head designed to sit on your desk.
Health & Fitness

Diabetics can control their blood sugar with a smartphone and artificial pancreas

The latest innovation in diabetes treatment comes in the form of an artificial pancreas, which allows patients to control their insulin levels with a smartphone. Trials thus far have been successful.
Emerging Tech

Chinese knock-off of Boston Dynamics’s Spot robot looks virtually identical

A new Chinese robotics startup, Unitree Robotics, unveiled its own take on the dog robot made famous by Boston Dynamics. It's named Laikago after the Soviet space dog. Here's what it can do.
Emerging Tech

Indiegogo now offers a marketplace where you can buy its coolest stuff

Indiegogo's new Marketplace lets you buy innovative products funded on its site, as well as other cool stuff from entrepreneurs everywhere. The 'Tech & Innovation' section is already stuffed with a range of goodies.
Emerging Tech

Hobby drones are hampering wildfire air crews in California

Drones — or their owners — are causing problems for air crews tackling the wildfires in California. A Cal Fire spokesperson said flying drones in restricted areas was becoming "a trend," and violators will be fined.
Emerging Tech

The NBA has an AR app that lets you test your jump shot anywhere

The NBA augmented reality app, NBA AR, is the league's first AR app, and it allows you to shoot jump shots on a digitally imposed basketball court. The app is exclusive to the iPhone and uses Apple's ARKit technology.
Emerging Tech

Curious what traits your unborn child will have? Send HumanCode your spit

Want to know what your unborn child will look like? BabyGlimpse is a DNA-powered service which promises to let couples discover the genetic-related traits their children may inherit for $349.
Emerging Tech

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a self-driving car? Moove lets you find out

Researchers in Germany have built an unorthodox vehicle that you get to drive using only the data a self-driving car gets to see. The results provides a glimpse at how an autonomous car sees the world.