Emerging Tech
Emerging Tech

SpaceX sees a payoff from its pioneering work with reusable rockets

SpaceX is getting good at launching and landing used rockets, achieving the feat for the third time this year on October 11. CEO Elon Musk said he wants to cut the turnaround time for reflights from months to just 24 hours.
Emerging Tech

Tooth Cracker 5000 is a device for splitting teeth and extracting stem cells

Researchers have discovered a new way of harvesting stem cells -- by extracting them from teeth, which they split in half using something called the Tooth Cracker 5000. Yes, really.
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Gene-edited corn has nutrients usually found in meat — here's why that's huge

Scientists at Rutgers University and China’s Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences have come up with a way to improve the nutritional value of corn using smart gene-editing technology.
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When smart cities arrive, this is the smart crosswalk we want to see

The design of crosswalks on the road has remained unchanged for decades. A futuristic concept called the Starling Crossing uses object tracking tech and LEDs to turn them into smart crosswalks.
Emerging Tech

California calls on the world's only 747 SuperTanker to take on wildfires

Extreme events call for extreme measures, and that's why California has called on the world's only 747 firefighting machine. Tackling wildfires in the state, the SuperTanker can drop 20,000 gallons of fire retardant in one go.
Emerging Tech

Move over, duct tape: Adventure Tape is lighter, stronger, and more versatile

Newly landed on Kickstarter, Adventure Tape is like duct tape on steroids: it's a polyurethane tape that’s superstrong, stretchy, waterproof, reusable, and highly abrasion-resistant.

Create your own retro pixel art with the Divoom Timebox Mini Bluetooth speaker

This eye-catching gadget folds a retro pixel art display into a Bluetooth speaker that hooks up to your smartphone. Find out what it can do in our Divoom Timebox Mini review.
Emerging Tech

This shape-shifting wheelchair transitions from seated to standing positions

Designed by an Italian architect, Laddroller is a futuristic shape-shifting wheelchair that is able to transition between seated and standing positions. Here's what its creator has planned for it.
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MIT camera can ‘see’ around corners by analyzing nearly invisible shadows

Researchers at MIT have developed a smart new camera system that uses almost invisible information about light reflections to detect objects around corners -- and all in real time, too.
Emerging Tech

Re-create "Top Gun" in your backyard with the FPV Rockee drone

Who says you can't relive Top Gun in your own backyard? Certainly not the makers of the Rockee, a new Indiegogo project heralded as the "most enjoyable DIY athletic battle drone" on the market.
Emerging Tech

The cryptocurrency from this wind-powered mining rig helps fund climate research

One way to fund climate change research? Use wind energy to mine for cryptocurrency to fund it. The more profound the changes to the weather are, the more money gets pumped into research.
Smart Home

Clean with the power of ultrasound by using the Sonic Soak

Meet the Sonic Soak, a new ultrasonic cleaning tool that promises to clean deeper, all while saving you time, water, and energy. The palm-sized device can be taken just about anywhere to clean just about anything.