Emerging Tech
Emerging Tech

Like a shark with a saddle, Halo Board is sleek, smooth, and insanely fun to ride

Of all the electric longboards we’ve ridden over the years, the Halo Board Carbon Edition stole our heart with its smooth ride, sleek construction, solid brakes, and easy-to-transport design.
Emerging Tech

Boeing acquires major drone, aerospace developer with focus on more autonomy

The Boeing Company is planning on purchasing Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation, which is a world-class developer and manufacturer of advanced automated drones and aerospace platforms.

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Treepods, robot cutters, Firefly flints

Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!
Emerging Tech

Remember GeoCities? 9 tech titans that fell from grace

Not every tech company can be a winner, and not all of those that become winners can stay that way forever. Here are nine failed tech companies that were once titans of their respective industries
Emerging Tech

Sinot Nature superyacht defies categorization with luxury and unimpeded views

The vast open spaces on the Sinot Nature superyacht are designed to foster peace and tranquility. The ship concept debuted recently at the Monaco Yacht Show in presentations to VIP guests.
Emerging Tech

Here are the names and achievements behind this year’s Nobel Prizes in Science

The Nobel Prizes in Science are among the greatest awards a scientist can get. The 2017 winners helped unravel gravitational waves, circadian rhythms, and biological molecules.
Emerging Tech

Self-disinfecting door pad could help break the spread of germs in hospitals

A new textile could help avoid the spread of germs by replacing the aluminum door plate in busy public spaces with a self-santizing pad that disinfects itself immediately after people touch it.
Emerging Tech

Portable CNC cutter robot is a must-have for any MakerLabs

What happens when you cross a CNC milling machine with autonomous robotics technology? The answer is a product like Goliath CNC, a portable and autonomous CNC machine tool, which just hit Kickstarter.
Emerging Tech

Puerto Rico's governor wants Elon Musk to renew the island's electrical grid

Elon Musk reckons that Tesla could not only rebuild Puerto Rico's destroyed electrical grid, but improve upon it — and the island's governor has expressed an interest in making it happen.
Emerging Tech

The world’s most precise clock keeps time within quadrillionths of a second

Think your watch is accurate? An international team of physicists have developed a new ultra-precise atomic clock capable of measuring time down to a couple quadrillionths of a second.
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The best tech-focused documentaries of all time

Love tech? Enjoy documentaries? Then, boy, are you going to love our round-up of the best tech documentaries available for your viewing pleasure. From video games to space travel, we've got it all.