Charge 5 devices all at once with Passport Go, the most advanced travel adapter

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The portability of modern tech is great, but this convenience carries some hassles all its own. Chief among these is the need to keep your gadgets juiced up when you’re on the go, which can be a particular challenge when you’ve got multiple devices and are traveling to another country where the AC outlets and power voltage standards are different. That’s why a good universal travel adapter like the new Passport Go is essential, and you can score one for just $34 right now on Kickstarter.

When traveling overseas, you generally need three things to keep your tech powered up: A charging cable for mobile devices (that is, a USB or Lightning cable), a charger for your laptop, and – the one thing many people forget – a power adapter. Many “universal” charging adapters only feature USB ports or AC outlet slots, but the all-in-one Passport Go has them all, as well as some unique new technologies that give it an edge over traditional adapters.

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The Passport Go’s 3-in-1 design charges your electronics via AC and USB, with enough ports to let you juice up as many as five items (such as a laptop and four mobile gadgets) at once. The AC adapter is compatible with outlets in more than 200 countries around the globe, meaning you can plug in your laptop or other large AC devices in virtually any region of the world that has electricity.

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That alone isn’t too different than what a few other charging adapters can do, but the Passport Go’s newer design packs a few advantages over the competition. One of its four USB ports is a 30-watt USB-C connector, and under the hood, the Passport Go utilizes up-to-date GaN (Gallium Nitride) semiconductors which charge more quickly and stay cooler than standard silicon semiconductors. This means faster charging (especially via USB-C) and less heat buildup than you’d normally get with traditional chargers.

The Passport Go just now hit its funding goals on Kickstarter, but it’s not too late to back it and take advantage of the Early Bird specials on offer. If, like most, you only need one for your personal travel needs, then you can back the project and score one for $34 – that’s 42% off what the Passport Go will cost when it ships in August. You can save even more buy buying multiple Passports for the entire family, but act quickly – Early Bird spots are limited.

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As always, though, it’s best to exercise caution when participating in a crowdfunded campaign.

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