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The Pebble App Store is opening its doors on Monday

pebble app store opening doors monday

It’s been a while in coming, but the Pebble App Store is finally ready to go and will make its debut on Monday, according to a tweet from the company’s official account. Apps and watch faces have previously been available from a variety of disparate sources and sites, but the imminent updates to the Pebble Android and iOS apps will bring everything together under one virtual roof.

The launch coincides with the arrival of the Pebble Steel, the premium version of the smartwatch that began shipping to customers on January 28th. We first got wind of a centralized app store back in December, and you now only have a couple of days to wait before you’ll be able to browse and install apps right from your smartphone.

According to the previews that have been shown on Twitter and aired in the past, the Pebble App Store will be split into several categories including Fitness, Games, Notifications and Remotes. In earlier statements about the App Store, Pebble has reassured users that they will still be able to install third-party tools from outside the official outlet after it goes live.

The update to Pebble’s mobile apps will also introduce the Locker, an easier way for Pebble owners to manage the app and watchface slots on their smartwatches — each Pebble can have up to eight of these installed at any one time, and the Locker will simplify the process of switching between them.

If you’re a Pebble user, keep an eye on your mobile updates at the start of next week.

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