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Philips SBC HD1500 headphones go unplugged

Furthermore the digital wireless functionality gives the freedom of enjoying that sound experience without the limitation of cable and in a pure digital quality. Even silent passages in classical music and gaps in between music tracks are reproduced as pure silence. Never before has a wireless headphone sounded so close to a corded headphone.

Dolby Digital provides discrete left surround and right surround channels, for more precise localization of sound and a more convincing, realistic ambience. Discrete means that each channel carries its own sound and plays its own unique role in providing the right sound. All five channels in a Dolby Digital system are digitally encoded, which means that they can be transferred without loss from the producer’s mixing console to your home playback system. Up until now all this was reserved to speakers set ups, but thanks to Dolby Headphone, the ultimate experience in home theater surround with five (left, right, center, rear-left and rear-right) discrete channels of digital DVD-like sound quality is offered by the Philips SBC HD1500 Dolby Digital wireless headphone.

The SBC HD1500 wireless transmitter features the PLL-based (Phase Locked Loop) tuning, ensuring maximum stability of the one of the four available transmission frequencies, avoiding loss of reception whilst enjoying the ultimate audio experience.
The auto-tuning feature – a single button will quickly and automatically tune to the chosen transmission channel with the highest accuracy.

In addition to the sound performance, Philips has given much attention to the design and the wearing comfort. The SBC HD1500 features light weight, full-size, velvet lined ergonomic ear-cushions and a flexible, self-adjusting inner headband providing a comfortable fit. On the ear shells the volume can be adjusted, so there is no need to get out of the chair and push any buttons on the transmitter.

To be able to listen to the perfect sound quality when freely moving around the house, the HD1500 has the AOR (Automatic Out-of-Range) detection will warn the user when the distance between headphone and transmitter is getting too big for a good reception.

The product comes with an additional battery pack that is always fully charged in its dedicated compartment and ready to be used at all times.

For those users who prefer a corded headphone, Philips also introduces the SBC HP1500, a Dolby Digital headphone amplifier with a HiFi corded headphone, ensuring a sound quality that is second to none.

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