Philips Unveils a Lineup of Mobile Gadgets and Devices

PhilipsLogoPhilips unloaded a bunch of mobile products at CES last week. Philips says its new portable product lineup strives to it easier and more enjoyable for consumers to work out, watch TV and movies, and listen to music, whether they are at home or taking their entertainment on the road. “Consumers increasingly want seamless, simple connections between life at home, at work, and everywhere else they go, and Philips is committed to delivering the solutions that make these connections easy and enjoyable,” says Bret Furio, Senior Vice President, Philips Consumer Lifestyle North America.

philips-activaThe Philips Activa is a portable audio player designer to help motivate people to work out more frequently and intensely. Philips says the Activa provides stimulating real-time feedback on a workout performance and works seamlessly with a person’s music library via Philips Songbird. Philips’ Songbird platform is a single, open-platform media-player program that connects you to media on the Web and allows you to listen to music, play videos, or share files and photos—it also syncs to Philips various GoGear devices. Philips Activa device plays more intense, fast-paced music as the user’s activity rate increases.

philips-dvd-tv-playerPhilips’ PET749 Portable DVD Player with Built-in TV receiver, a Innovation Honoree at CES 2010, features a built-in TV receiver and offers free-to-air TV and DVD playback. Philips claims its sleek form “epitomizes function, convenience and style.” The new portable DVD player also features a 7” TFT LCD screen and 3 hours of battery life.

philips-portable-tvPhilips new PVD900 Portable LCD TV sports an integrated digital tuner with an electronic program guide.  This handy portable LCD TV also has a built-in USB and SD card slot for viewing photos or watching DivX videos, as well as listening to your favorite MP3 and WMA tunes.

Philips-Go-Gear-ViBEPhilips introduced four new GoGear MP3 players that the company claims gives the user a high-quality audio experience. The GoGear ViBE 4GB, GoGear ViBE 8GB, GoGear  Muse 8GB, and the  GoGear Muse 16GB all support a broad range of content-download stores along with easy syncing with Philips Songbird. With the ViBE starting at a $49.99, Philips thinks its GoGear MP3 players offer a range of affordable choices.

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