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PhoneSoap sanitizes your phone as it charges, because humans are gross bacteria magnets

Kickstarter: PhoneSoap

Humans are bacteria carrying, dirty, filthy creatures. Wait, don’t leave, we promise this article has something to save that problem!

Since we’re so gross, this Kickstarter PhoneSoap wants to eliminate all the gunk we carry around and transfer to our cellphones on a daily basis. Since you have to charge your phone everyday, why not sanitize the thing while you’re at it?

With PhoneSoap, you can insert your iPhone or micro USB charged gadgets into a box that cleans your devices with UV-C light. This technology is the same as ones used in hospitals to sterilize equipments. According to the Kickstarter page, “This short wavelength of light penetrates the cell wall of the bacteria and disrupts its DNA, effectively killing it. It is 99.9% effective in killing bacteria and virus.” If you are curious, you can visit the Kickstarter page to see the before and after photos of bacteria samples undergoing UV-C light treatments.

PhoneSoap only takes about three to five minutes to completely sanitize your phone, and when it’s done the machine shuts off and resumes charging your phone until you’re ready to take it for the day. You will be notified that it is finished with an LED light on the outer case. As a finished product, the makers aim to sell PhoneSoap for approximately $40. They are also planning to post literally viral videos as part of a campaign to convince you your phones are disgustingly laced with bacteria.

“I mean seriously, what type of videos would you make to get the point across that your phone probably has fecal matter on it? We’ve got great ideas,” the site read. Oh dear.

But yes, the makers have a point. Our gadgets, especially phones, endure a lot of dirtiness in a day’s time. When we talk into it, spit is likely covering the entire lower end of your phone. Then you go and press those buttons when you’re using apps, and your hands touch a lot of other dirty things throughout the day. If you hand your phone off to someone else, you also never know what that person has touched.

The Kickstarter page also notes that because your gadgets get warm, they become a prime environment for bacteria to foster. According to their studies, cellphones are even dirtier than door knobs and toilet seats. This whole ordeal might not be at the level of Contagion, but germaphobic products like these often get us thinking and obsessing. We can’t help but feel for it.

The project is asking for $18,000 to supply all the components to create this gadget, and it’s currently only about 36.5 percent of the way there. You’ve got until May 2 to help make this project come to reality so we can stop thinking about all the nasty things that are sitting on our phones right now. In the meantime, we’re just gonna go wipe all our gadgets down with a disinfecting moist towelette right quick.

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