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Picture perfect — create your dream gallery wall with Framebridge

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As captivating as an Instagram feed may be, it’s difficult to frame your phone – not to mention impractical. But for those of us looking to create the same gallery effect in a more practical and (more importantly) economical way, there may be a brand new solution.

Today marks the end of your reluctant DIY days and the beginning of Framebridge’s Gallery Wall service, described as “a one-stop consultation and concierge service to bring your gallery wall vision to life.” Leveraging the same tech-forward model that first made Framebridge and its accessible custom framing a hit in 2014, this new service allows for larger visions to come to fruition with the same level of ease.

In essence, Framebridge brings the bourgeoisie process of custom framing back to basics, offering a web-based service that makes beautiful yet detailed tailored frames for your art pieces accessible to amateur art collectors (and their budgets). Last August, they raised $1.25 million to continue their artistic endeavors, described by as “Warby Parker for Art Framing.”

But now, instead of just framing one piece at a time, Framebridge wants to work with you to “build a space that highlights … the unique and complete story of you.” For less than $100, the company is offering a design consultation with an expert, who “will help you curate your collection of memories and fill in gaps where you see them.”

After you’ve chosen and uploaded your pieces to the Framebridge site, a dedicated team will even “lay everything out using frame options that fit your personal style and your personal space,” and “frame everything using the top-of-the-line materials and hands-on craftsmanship we’re known for.” And with end-to-end service, Frambridge will “ship the framed pieces to your door with everything you’ll need to hang your gallery wall, including a measurement plan,” leaving you with the simple task of simply hanging the final pieces up (sometimes easier said than done, admittedly).

Given the ubiquity of gallery walls in both tiny studio apartments and million dollar mansions, this latest service further advances Framebridge’s role as a disruptive participant in an otherwise rather inaccessible luxury market. While supporting your local street artist may be easy, actually displaying his or her work becomes more of a challenge when the frame costs more than the piece itself, and of course, it’s worse yet when there are multiple pieces to consider.

But with Framebridge, this is no longer a problem. So maybe it’s time to get started building your Instagram gallery IRL. As Framebridge writes, ”The best things about you + the best things about Framebridge = the gallery wall of your dreams. Let’s get started.”

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