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Pioneer announces limited edition HDJ-1000 headphones

Standing out from the DJ crowd is no easy feat. Pioneer is set to help by offering a jazzed-up, limited edition of its popular HDJ-1000 headphones. The cans will be offered in two colors: black for the more modest turntablist, and a gold version for those seeking to add a little flash to their sets.

While primarily aimed at the fashion-conscious DJ, the limited edition HDJ-1000s will have plenty to offer for the average music listener as well. Pioneer has modified the mono-stereo selector circuit to give clearer playback in the midrange frequencies, and tuned the drivers for better playback in those all-important low range frequencies so important to the DJ’s craft.

It’s not just about looks either. Pioneer has tweaked the design and used a low rebound urethane to offer a more comfortable fit on the ears – perfect for an extended DJing session or for listening to Wagner’s Ring Cycle in one sitting.

Of course, the classic HDJ-1000 design will be relatively intact. Consumers and pros can expect the fold-away design for easy transportation and the stereo-mono selector switch for single-ear listening.

The black HDJ-1000-K and the gold HDJ-1000-G both are slated to be available this coming December with a $209 price tag.

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