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Plastic Logic Cancels Que Ereader

Plastic Logic has announced it is formally canceling its repeatedly-delayed Que ereader in order to focus its attention on its second-generation ProReader product. The move comes as the broader ereader market has seen increasing competition and plummeting prices, with the likes of Borders, Barnes & Noble, and each seeking to undercut each other on entry-level ereader products.

“We plan to take the necessary time needed to re-enter the market as we refocus, redesign and retool for our next generation ProReader product,” said Plastic Logic CEO Richard Archuleta, in a statement. “This was a hard decision, but is the best one for our company, our investors, and our customers.”

Plastic Logic had originally planned to ship the Que ereader in April; the company then put off the product launch until summer of 2010, then in June abruptly cancelled pre-orders. Plastic Logic announced the Que with a $649 price tag.

Plastic Logic says it plans to redesign and retool its plastic electronics technology for its 11-inch ProReader product. The ProReader was originally announced at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January, and scheduled for an April 2010 debut. Like the Que itself, the product has been repeatedly delayed. Plastic Logic has not announced any information about when it believes it can bring the ProReader to market, or what its price might be.

Plastic Logic’s ereader products are based on plastic electronics technology instead of industry-standard silicon-based electronics. The company maintains tha plastic electronics are ideal for many mobile and portable products, enabling stronger, thinner, and lighter devices.

The Financial Times reports Plastic Logic is in negotiations with the Russian state-owned company Rusnano; a deal could see Rusnano acquiring a controlling stake in the company and setting up a production facility in Russia.

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