Poo-fed free Wi-Fi is anything but a crappy idea

poo fed free wi fi is anything but a crappy idea dogpoo large

Just because we live in a digital age doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the simple things in life like taking our dog to the park for a day of sun, fun, and fetch. But with so many of our smart devices web-enabled, what happens when we want to spend time with our four-legged friend and stay connected to the internet? Sure, some public spaces like coffee shops offer up free Wi-Fi, but you can’t always take your dog inside. And even when you can, they would probably rather be running around than waiting for us to finish our Soy Lattes. That’s where Spanish Internet portal Terra has devised a rather interesting manner to provide free Wi-Fi at public parks using doggy doo.

Here’s how it works: dog owners pick up their furry friend’s droppings and deposit it into special boxes littered around the park. The box then calculates the weight of the poop and converts that into minutes of free Wi-Fi. The heavier the poop, the greater the amount of minutes you get in free Wi-Fi. Running low on free minutes? You could always go on a doggy doo scavenger hunt and add more. More free minutes means less doggy waste around the park so everyone wins, and it might even give people something interesting to Tweet about or post on their Facebook walls for a change.

Of course some people’s poop collecting skills may run more nefarious and dishonest than others. What’s to stop people from throwing plastic bottles or other waste in an attempt to trick the system? Nothing really, but according to the agency running the exercise that’s perfectly okay because at the very least it would be ridding the park of unwanted materials or waste that could have very well ended up on the ground anyways.

It won’t all be on the honor system though, because the bins will be manned during the day by people handing out bags to help clean up after your pooping pooch.

The whole process will also depend heavily on, well, how heavy you’re puppy’s poo’s are — obviously the bigger the better in this particular scenario. Smaller dogs you’re out of luck.

If you’d like to get in on the all the doo-powered free Wi-Fi, Terra plans to pilot the idea at 10 parks in Mexico City.

Check out the video below, courtesy of Creativity Online:

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