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4K Leagues Under the Sea: The PowerRay drone scouts and even baits fish

Fish finders are so 2016 — PowerVision, the company behind the PowerEgg drone, on Tuesday announced the PowerRay, an underwater drone that tracks, photographs and even baits fish.

With a sonar add-on, the underwater drone can detect fish, photograph them in 4K, then beam that information to a smartphone using Bluetooth. The drone-sonar combo is designed to send details on the water’s landscape, fish location, and water temperature for both fresh and saltwater fishing, as well as ice fishing, PowerVision says. The sonar can also be detached from the submarine drone and float on the surface.

A second optional add-on allows the drone to deliver bait to precise locations. The PowerRay drops the bait while the user monitors the feed above the water.

While add-ons expand the underwater drone’s capabilities, the drone appears to still pack a punch by itself. The submarine drone’s onboard camera shoots 4K video or stills, transmitting in real time to a smartphone (or even a pair of first-person goggles, if you happen to want another accessory for the PowerRay). The camera captures underwater footage with a 100-degree wide angle lens, shooting 4K video at 30 fps or 12-megapixel stills in 5fps bursts. A light with a blue hue is designed to attract fish.

The drone can dive as deep as 98 feet and that add-on sonar accessory will track fish up to 131 feet further than that, with an accuracy within about 3.9 inches. The onboard Wi-Fi sends that information with a signal range of about 230 feet.

Both the PowerRay and the sonar add-on have a battery life of up to four hours, the company says. The underwater drone, by itself, weighs 7.7 pounds and adding on those accessories will add another 4.4 pounds to that kit.

“Recreational fishing is one of the lifestyle areas that has not seen major technology breakthroughs,” Wally Zheng, PowerVision CEO said in a press release. “By introducing PowerRay, PowerVision is completely changing the way we have been fishing in the past 7,000 years.  Through innovating the fish finding technology and features, providing the thrill of finding the catch and an immersive underwater experience through virtual reality, PowerRay is going to provide more efficiency, thrill, and fun to fishermen around the world. Recreational fishing will never be the same again.”

While the underwater robot is expected to be available at the end of February, PowerVision still has not released a price for the PowerRay — or the add-ons. The company’s PowerEgg drone retails for over $1,200.

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