Pulpop MP3 speaker looks like a Dyson fan meets toilet paper roll

Pulpop biodegradable paper MP3 Speaker

What’s the best accessory to go with a pair of 3D-printed headphones to show off your low key audio style? Consider the Pulpop MP3 speaker whose unique doughnut shape amplifies sound while keeping things environmentally friendly.

Made from recycled paper pulp, the Pulpop MP3 speaker is one of the more truly green designs in audio gear as most systems are made with metal, plastic, or wood. Designed by Balance Wu and Chin Yang, the Pulpop is a self-standing speaker that uses vibrations to produce sound through the surface it is placed on as well as the hollow space in the ring. Since paper is generally not a great source of sound travel, the ring design helps “allow the biggest resonance of vibration to travel 360 degrees throughout the speaker.” It’s also got a 3.5 mm input jack and runs on a 3.7V/600mA battery that can be recharged through a USB wire. Just make sure to use this speaker indoors and steer it clear from drinks or wherever it could possibly get crushed.

Pulpop paper donut MP3 Speaker Side ViewThe Pulpop is made using high pressure molding to create the shape that contains all the electrical parts inside. If the unfortunate does happen and you end up damaging the paper exterior, this outer shell is biodegradable as long as you make sure to separate the paper from the wires. Of course, that’s more than any other speaker we’ve seen can say given that last year, approximately 20 to 50 million tons of electronics were thrown out at a recycling rate of just 18 percent. Plus, the Pulpop looks like an audio version of the Dyson bladeless fan. The unusual shape adds an extra quirk on its own even without the eco-friendly aspect.

Standing at 10.2 x 11.6 x 2.4 inches, the Pulpop is definitely made for an indoor use as you’re less than likely to take it on the go without the risk of denting the shell. Fortunately enough, the lightweight system is quite affordable at $56 a pop. At this price point, the speaker is quite basic and does not offer wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The Pulpop MP3 speaker could make a nice gift for your eco-conscious friends who are looking for a simple and stylish audio gear that makes a statement about green technology awareness.

For more innovations by Balance Wu Designs, visit the official website to learn more.

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