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This custom cooler will haul your drinks while playing your favorite tunes

radio controlled custom cooler hauls cold drinks and tunes c3 beach
Beach, cold bev, music: the trifecta of the relaxed American summer. There was a time when you had to lug a heavy cooler in addition to some sort of sound system to your favorite sandy spot or local tailgate. That time has now passed, thanks to C3 Custom Cooler Creations by Seljan. These radio-controlled rolling coolers keep things cold while eliminating the need to pull or carry. The C3 has a 30 quart capacity, and can hold a full case of beer plus ice. Thanks to foam insulation, it can keep things ice cold for up to three days.

The C3 cooler also features working headlights and dual cup holders. The sound system is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you can enjoy your streaming music and MP3s. Bluetooth connectivity is currently under testing.

This roving cooler can also haul your stuff around on its back. Depending on the load, the rear-wheel drive C3 can move at 6 mph (but don’t even think about riding on it). The battery takes about five hours to charge, and testing has shown that the cooler can run at full speed with the lights on and sound system blasting for over four hours.


Got a favorite sports team? Of course you do. Seljan secured the rights to emblazon the logos for all NFL, MLB, and select NHL and NCAA teams on their coolers. You can also order your company logo, or simply leave things blank. Major beverage corporations such as Pepsi have signed on, adding their logos to the product.


The C3 coolers are manufactured in the Seljan Co. plant in Lake Mills, WI.

“Everybody who comes into the plant and sees this thing likes it,” Scott Seljan, company president, told the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal.

Three standard models are offered: the Rover, Truck and Zamboni. They can be ordered online through the product website and Amazon. Prices start at $200.

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