Reciva Intros New Internet Radio

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedBritish company Reciva has teamed with California’s Marvell Semiconductor to show a new generation of Internet radioat this year’s CES.   The device will combineWi-Fi and LAN connectivity, all popular audio decoders, a list of thousands of live radio broadcasts andpodcasts from around the world, as well as a wide range of premium content. And it’ll do all this in a single circuit board smaller than a business card.   Given the huge popularity ofInternet radio, that could be a boon for many listeners. The problem, though, is finding what you want to hear. But Reciva also has a solution for that – the dial will show the radio call sign andname on a display just as you’d find on an AM/FM radio.   "The cost savings from this new platform will greatly reduce the price premium for an Internet receiver compared to a legacyAM/FM set. In the global marketplace, technologies with only regional acceptance, such as HD and DAB, will become largely irrelevant," said Andrew Rhomberg, Reciva’s director of businessdevelopment and strategy.   The new radios also allow the user to play their own music from any wirelessly connected device, as well as personalized content, with Pandora built in.