RIO To Use SigmaTel MP3 Controller Chips

Rio has selected SigmaTel D-Major solutions for many of their current and past players including the recently announced 5GB Rio Carbon hard-drive player and the flash-based Rio Forge players. Previously released players that use SigmaTel controllers include the 1.5GB Rio Nitrus hard-drive player as well as the Rio Cali and Chiba flash players.

For future hard-drive and flash MP3 player designs in 2005 and 2006, Rio has expressed a preference to use SigmaTel’s next generation ARM-based MP3 controllers as well as the current STMP35xx product family. This newest family of devices, the STMP36xx to be available early next year, will allow Rio to continue to capitalize on the integration and power-management expertise that SigmaTel is known for. Due to a broad engineering adoption of the ARM-based core, new features can be easily implemented and ported from design to design.

“SigmaTel’s technology roadmap and customer support is extremely compelling in this competitive market place,” said Hugh Cooney, president of Rio Audio. “While we have considered, and at times used alternative MP3 controller chipsets within a small number of past designs, SigmaTel was critical in delivering our latest line of players, the Carbon 5GB and Forge flash players. These players have so far proven very successful and are being received with overwhelming accolades from customers and critics. Because of this, we will continue to strategically engage with SigmaTel on our roadmap for the next two years.”

“Rio has always been a strong partner and customer,” said Ron Edgerton, SigmaTel’s president and CEO. “This agreement officially acknowledges our commitment to enabling Rio to bring the best MP3 player products to the consumer market place.”

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