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This leather wallet isn’t just pretty — it’s Bluetooth connected and trackable, too

rockdove trackable leather goods screen shot 2016 08 14 at 9 20 47 am

Multitasking is the name of the game when it comes to today’s gadgets and gizmos, so of course it’s no longer enough for our bags and wallets to simply serve an aesthetic purpose — they must be Bluetooth enabled as well. Luckily, a Pakistani fashion technology company (the first to launch on Kickstarter), has a product that will satisfy both fashionistas and tech gurus. Meet RockDove, purveyors of trendy and trackable leather goods for the 21st century.

RockDove’s launch collection, which features wallets, key chains, briefcases, totes, and more, are all made of vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather. But most notably, they’re also embedded with a thin and flexible Bluetooth smart tracking chip to ensure that you’ll always be able to locate your goods and their contents.

“I tend to misplace my wallet and keys a lot, and every time that happens I wish I could just track them using my phone,” said RockDove co-founder Ammar Jangbarwala. “And so we thought, why not? We decided to develop a range of leather products that one could track, but we wanted to do so using the best possible materials, whilst keeping the design classic and the entire proposition environmentally friendly.”

The embedded tracking chip will not only help owners find their wallet or bag, but can also be programmed to alert users if the product is removed from a certain radius. And even if your RockDove goes outside the Bluetooth range of 100 meters, you’ll still be able to track it using a feature known as Growd GPS. A wireless charger makes sure that the smart chip is always properly powered, and it also doubles as a 8000 mAH portable battery pack for any other device that may need some extra juice.

“We are proud to say that 60% of the electronics we use in our products are sourced from certified recycled components, which results in the reduction of electronic waste in the world and has a positive impact on the environment,” added Jangbarwala, referring to the company’s new line of products. So if you’re looking for a new bag that you can always find, you may want to consider looking into RockDove.

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