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RocketBody tracks your metabolism to tell you when to eat and work out

RocketBody AI Personal Trainer

You can have the best fitness trackers in the world but, let’s face it, sometimes you get to the gym or plan to go for a run, only for your body to tell you that it would really rather be doing anything else instead! Finding a solution to this problem is the goal of a newly launched wearable device that’s just landed on Kickstarter. Called RocketBody, it’s advertised as an artificial intelligence personal fitness trainer and nutritionist — but one which will track your metabolic rate and tell you when the best time to do some training might be. To aid with that mission, it will also advise you when to eat to enable you to have the healthiest lifestyle possible.

RocketBody’s creators claim that it can accurately measure metabolic rate over time using medical-grade EKG. By doing this, it can work out when your body is at its highest performance capacity, something called “supercompensation.” It aggregates information including a user’s anthropometric data (the study of the measurements and proportions of the human body), their training goals, heart rate and variability, calories eaten and burned, and more. It then uses this to design a set of exercises and a nutrition plan to make sure that every workout is timed to coincide with your body being at its most ready.

“I used to be a professional athlete and was seriously injured 10 years ago, so the only thing I could care about was getting myself out of bed,” creator Timofei Lipsky told Digital Trends. “In 2015, after trying taking blood tests [and other investigations], I started using EKG as a source of data we needed to build a metabolic curve.”

To develop his technology, Lipsky teamed up with a Ph.D. scientist with expertise in biophysics and neural biology. “After a number of months, we succeeded in identifying super-compensation and extended the team with top-level hardware and software engineers to hack a wearable and a mobile app,” he continued.

As always, we offer our usual warnings about the risks in pledging money for crowdfunding campaigns. However, if you want to get involved you can check out more information about RocketBody’s campaign over on its Kickstarter page. Prices start at $99, with shipping set to hopefully take place in October.

Just in time for you to get a headstart on 2019’s fitness-related New Year’s resolution!

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