Sleek rocking chair generates electricity to charge gadgets

rocking chair produce electricity

Covered by The Next Web, a graduate of the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art within Israel developed a prototype of a rocking chair with a built in electricity generator. When someone sits in the chair and rocks, a magnet slides along a copper coil within the base of the chair. As the magnet moves forward and back based on the movements of the person sitting in the chair, a current is generated. That current can be sent into a large battery to store the energy or hypothetically charge up a electronic device like a smartphone or a laptop. 

rocking chair light blubIgor Gitelstain, the graduate, specifically designed the Ortarky Chair to hide the fact that it generates electricity. In fact, the only indication that the chair does provide a source of energy is the power plug outlet located at the rear of the chair.

The modern design of the chair uses laminate wood for the main seating area, white padding for comfort when sitting and brushed metal legs to hide the copper coil inductor. When asked about the design, Gitelstain stated “If the chair gets produced on an industrial scale, I’d like people to buy it not only because of the electricity, but because of its looks.”

The student also alluded that the design could be applied to a number of other common items within a household. For instance, a children’s swing or a door could generate a similar amount of electricity. This particular type of technology could be highly useful in areas that consistently have lengthy power outages due to problematic inclement weather; an issue facing Isreal as well as a number of countries around the world. In the United States, it could hypothetically help reduce energy costs within the home and make a small dent in the monthly electric bill if used consistently.