Roku Shows Off New SoundBridge Product

Roku, the company behind the well regarded Roku Soundbridge network music player, today unveiled a new wireless music device. Called the SoundBridge Radio, this Wi-Fi enabled radio is set to begin selling in November for $399.   The Soundbridge Radio,according to Roku, comes in a traditional tabletopradio form factor and uses Wi-Fi wireless technology to stream either Internet radio from your broadband connection or digital music files from your PC or a built-in SD/MMC card slot. Playlists aresupported and the radio has compatibility with protected music services such as Napster and Real Networks’ Rhapsody. The Soundbridge Radio also lets consumer access traditional AM/FM via atuner.   Other features of the Soundbridge Radio include a subwoofer, preset, scan and source select buttons, a volume ramping alarm and a vacuum-fluorescent display which auto dims at night.  "There are 40 million regular listeners using PCs to access Internet radio in the US. SoundBridge Radio gives those users a way to comfortably bring Internet radio away from their PCs andinto their bedrooms," said Anthony Wood, Roku founder and chief executive officer. "With the SoundBridge Radio, consumers get traditional radio, Internet radio and digital music combined ina simple, high-quality product that’s easy to use."

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