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Rumor: New iPod Nano to regain camera

Nano 7th gen cameraThe Taiwanese blog, known for leaking photos of apple products, has released this photo of the next generation iPod Nano. The blog claims that the hole in the upper left corner will house a camera with a low-resolution 1.3 megapixel lens, perfect for the Nano screen’s size.

The site also says that the seventh generation Nano will retain its multi-touch screen but will have to ditch the clip because it will cover the camera lens. The Nano used to have a camera in its fifth-generation model back in 2009, and critics were unhappy when the current smaller model phased the camera out.

Appleinsider says that the Taiwanese blog had already released a photo of the Nano case in early April which suggested a camera, but that photo came around the time of April Fools’ and the authenticity wasn’t verified. This recent image’s source is credited to a “Ray” from California.

Appleinsider also says that the blog was right about the sixth-generation Nano, revealing the tiny screen of the multi-touch display before the device was officially released. also leaked photos of the iPhone 4G in early 2010 but they’ve had their share of misses, such as the the false 15-inch Macbook Air.

There’s no way to confirm who this “Ray” is that is credited with the news, but the camera would appease critics of the fifth-generation Nano’s transformation. On the other hand, why would you need a Nano with a low-resolution camera, instead of a gym ready clip-on multi-touch screen sixth-generation? Well, we’ll probably find out what Apple has in store for us once the September annual iPod event comes around.

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