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Next up from Samsung? Possibly a drone that shoots selfies

samsung may be developing a drone geared toward selfie shooters
Samsung may be pushing out fewer smartphones this year in a strategic effort to cut costs and boost profits, but a report Monday suggests it’s been splashing some of its savings on drone development with a view to creating an autonomous quadcopter designed primarily for snapping selfies.

The news comes via SamMobile, whose unnamed source claims the initiative is dubbed Project Selfie Camera Drone, perhaps not the best name if secrecy is an important part of the venture.

If it is indeed developing such a device, we imagine the company is looking to create something affordable, small and portable, and quick and easy to set up for selfies. The flying machine could be a boon for selfie perfectionists who don’t like to see their arm in shot, while for tourist venues and other public sites it could be the next smartphone-related gadget to stick on the “banned” list.

Samsung would’t be the first outfit to come up with a drone that shoots selfies – the Lily Camera, for example, is an autonomous camera drone that uses computer vision technology and GPS to track the operator and shoot photos or video, though it isn’t likely to hit the market till next year. There’s also the awesome Nixie copter, which flies off your wrist, takes the shot, and buzzes right back, The Nixie won a design award last year, though it’s also not yet commercially available.

The idea that Samsung might push out such a “selfie drone” certainly isn’t beyond the realms of possibility considering its enthusiasm for pumping out all manner of tech products. Watch this space.

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