Sceptre’s latest 32-inch LED TV boasts living-room size, dorm-room price

sceptres latest 32 inch led tv boasts living room size dorm sceptre e325bv hdSceptre isn’t one of the most recognizable names in TVs but, then again, neither was Vizio during its formative years — and now look where that company is. It may not be long until Sceptre grabs enough mind-share to resonate well with the public, though. Its latest TV offering brings the performance and slim cabinetry of LED backlighting to consumers at an incredibly low price and, the company claims, without sacrificing quality.

The new E325BV-HD is a 720p, 32-inch, LED-backlit TV with a street price of just $249. It’s chassis is a slim .88 inches deep and the set, withsceptres latest 32 inch led tv boasts living room size dorm sceptre e325bv hd its base attached, weighs just 20 pounds. 

The E325BV-HD has three HDMI inputs and supports USB,  VGA, Component Video, Composite video and, yes, even S-Video inputs as well. 

Other specs include a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (compared to 3,000:1 on Sceptre’s comparable CFL-backlit LCD model) a 6.5ms response time and 1366 x 768 resolution.

The E325BV-HD is also one of the “greener” TVs out there as well. Sceptre estimates annual energy consumption costs will be in the neighborhood of $11, thereby adding significantly to this set’s value proposition.