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See the world in predator vision with the Flir One

Previously known for providing tech in a variety of military applications, Flir is branching out now and putting its precision thermal imaging capabilities in the hands of your average smartphone user. The Flir One thermal imager is an amazing device that transforms your smartphone into a thermal camera.

They ditch the case design from previous versions for a device that attaches to your smartphone’s charging port. There is a lightning connector version for iOS devices and a Micro USB version for Android devices. Just turn on the Flir One, plug it into your smartphone, and launch the app. Now you can see the heat signatures objects give off, and you have a whole range of options to capture and share what you see from timelapses to video recording.

You might be thinking that a thermal camera is just a novelty. Sure, at $250 it’s not an accessory for everyone, but for homeowners looking to locate the sources of heat loss and improve their overall home heating efficiency, this device might save them money in the long run. Other uses could be to help locate fire hazards or to see if plugged in yet unused appliances are generating heat. Though if you’re not handy around the house, it’s still just fun to point the Flir One at stuff see the world from a different perspective.

Inside the companion app you get camera features that allow for photo, video, panorama and time lapse recording. It also gives a fairly accurate reading of the temperature on a specific point.

The Flir One is self powered with an onboard rechargeable battery, and unfortunately run time is only about 30 minutes.

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