Sensus iPhone case makes the back of your phone a touchy subject — literally

sensus iphone case makes the back of your phone a touchy subject

Listen up, neat freaks. Are you one of those people who constantly wipe your smartphone, tablet, whatever other touchscreen device you own, to clean the surface of its finger print smudges? Nothing’s wrong with that, in fact, good on you for being so attentive! It’s perfectly normal to want to keep the screen of your expensive gadget in pristine condition, so why not use an iPhone case that allows you to access your phone without ever touching the glass?

Meet Canopy’s Sensus iPhone case, a device that has a built-in touch sensitivity on the back of the case. The functionality to similar to a PlayStation Vita, except the right side panel also contains a touchpad. This way, when you turn your phone in landscape mode for video games, you can also control the sides like as if they were the Left and Right buttons on a PlayStation controller.

“Current “smart” cases merely have wallet add-ons or include a battery. Sensus is the first truly smart case,” the product page boasts. “Dual micro-processors handle all gesture recognition and multi-touch input. This provides more responsiveness than even the iPhone’s touchscreen, and saves your iPhone’s CPU for running apps.”

It’s an interesting concept of reversing all functionalities to the back of the phone, but it will definitely take some getting used to for the average user who have come accustomed to seeing motion controls upfront. The Sensus contains up to ten gesture responses, including swiping from top to bottom to scroll through a screen, or sliding your finger across the top edge to zoom. Swiping side to side also allows you to pan through a map or panoramic photo, all while keeping your finger prints off the screen. We just hope the case knows how to recognize finger gestures from other objects in our pockets as to not accidentally unlock the phone.

In terms of actual protection, the one feature an iPhone case should perform most effectively, the case is made of polycarbonate for a quality feel that won’t add too much bulk to your iPhone. The Sensus is currently only available for the iPhone 4/4S, but you can enter yourself on a mailing list if you want to be notified for an iPhone 5 edition, estimated for shipping in Spring 2013. The Canopy Sensus case retails for $60, but pre-order now and the price bumps down to $40 plus shipping.