Don't get stuck in traffic — get a Serpent Series electric skateboard instead

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Getting stuck in traffic could soon be a thing of the past — that is, if you have Serpent electric skateboard. The newest line of boards from San Francisco-based Kuickwheel, the Serpent Series, promises urban commuters the smallest, lightest, and safest electric skateboards around.

First up in the Serpent line is the Serpent-C, a board that the Kuickwheel team says can go just about anywhere you want it to go. Weighing in at less than 3 kilograms (just over 6.5 pounds), this compact board is comprised of Canadian maple wood and bamboo composite, riding on a heated carbon steel trunk. And because the board is IP54 waterproof, you don’t have to worry about treating this vehicle delicately as you make your way through puddles or brave the rain. Plus, the Serpent-C comes with replaceable polyurethane (PU) wheels and a variety pack of stickers, so you can truly have the board reflect your personality.

Then there’s the Serpent-W, heralded as one of the safest electric longboards on the market. With deck lights on the front, back, and sides of the board, you’ll remain visible to other commuters in effectively all situations. “We utilized the best materials – 91A Rebound PU wheels and extreme quiet bearings, aluminum alloy hanger and baseplate, and reinforced rubber riser, to ensure the least shock and best skating experience,” the Kuickwheel team noted on its website.

This slightly larger board can support up to 120 kg (265 pounds) and features an 1800W dual brush-less motor that can hit speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. But don’t worry — if you’re not comfortable enough on a normal skateboard to reach those top speeds, the board also has a beginner mode to gently ease you into the art of skateboarding. For the more advanced, on the other hand, the Serpent-W features an adrenaline-pumping sport mode, too.

The force-sensitive remote control of both boards in the Serpent Series means you can easily control the electrical component of your boards, and allows you to easily power your device on or off, as well as accelerate or slow down. You can pre-order a Serpent-C from Kickstarter now for $200, with an estimated delivery date of October 2017. The Serpent-W can be ordered for $500, and will also be delivered in October.

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