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Shaveman transforms any disposable razor into an electric shaver

Do you ever find yourself yourself shaving with your boring old disposable razor and wishing that you had some kind of high-tech attachment, resembling a tiny electric hockey puck, to vibrate the blade at a rate of hundreds of times per second for an altogether more thrilling shave? Probably not, but someone has invented one anyway — and you can pre-order it right now on Kickstarter.

Called the Shaveman, the device is a razor-vibration applicator designed to be mounted on any disposable razor available on the market. With a compact housing, containing a lithium polymer battery, the Shaverman will bring your otherwise stationary razor to life with up to 11,000 fine vibrations per minute. The result? A smooth shave at a low cost.

“In most cases, each man’s facial hair lies in a different direction,” Benjamin Kim, director of manufacturer Dearbros, told Digital Trends. “However, regular razors often fail to cut those lying-down beard hairs. They get swept along, or they get caught and pulled out. Due to this, users try to stick the razor up closer to their skin, and this leads to the skin becoming more irritated, among other complications. [But] if you make the razor vibrate, the vibration transfers to the skin and catches the beard hairs that lie flat, reducing skin irritation and allowing for a cleaner shave.”

As to the all-important question of safety, Kim says that Shaveman’s waterproof body makes it safe enough to wash with water after you’re done shaving. The built-in lithium polymer batteries also feature a function that prevents overcharging.

As to that minor issue of whether or not it’s going to cut your face off like Hannibal Lecter escaping his captors in Silence of the Lambs: “Those worried about cutting themselves due to the vibration during shaving can have those worries alleviated by taking a glance at the brand-name vibration razors being sold on the market already,” Kim said.

You can pre-order Shaveman on Kickstarter right now, with prices starting at $30 and shipping set to take place in December. We recommend you just grow a beard until then.

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