Sitpack is a compact seat you’ll want to have when you wait in line for the next hot device

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If you recently found yourself waiting in line for a new must-have device or lining up to ensure you got in on some killer Black Friday deals, you might want to have a seat – one that you can put in your pocket and have with you whenever you find yourself queued up in a long wait.

The Sitpack, billed as the “world’s most compact, foldable resting device,” is a plastic contraption that comes from Mono+Mono, a four-member company based in Denmark. When folded up, the Sitpack is an unassuming cylinder that’s 6.6 inches tall and 2.6 inches in diameter, which means it’s about as tall as an iPhone 6 Plus and as wide as a can of soda.

The real magic of the Sitpack (formerly dubbed REST) happens when you unfold the cylinder by pulling it apart (creating a 13-inch-wide seat) and yanking down an adjustable leg that can extend to be about 34 inches tall and support up to 286 pounds. Once unfolded, the Sitpack essentially becomes a stand for a human to rest on in a quasi-sitting position.

It may look a tad strange to see someone actually whip out a Sitpack and sit on it in a real-world setting (especially from a side view, which makes it seem like the person is simply sitting on a painfully positioned stick), but the device isn’t about looks – it’s about comfort and health.

Sitpack - sitting

“Sitpack embodies the positive outcomes of resting with the right posture,” according to the Sitpack’s Kickstarter campaign. “Correct resting increase blood circulation and thereby your focus. It soothes a tired back, and it will keep your energy levels higher throughout the day, while stimulating muscles and balance.”

The Sitpack will be made out of the same polycarbonate used in riot shields and bulletproof glass, which means it will be strong, light (less than 13 ounces) and recyclable.

The Kickstarter campaign for the sitting device, which closes later today, has raised nearly $130,000, more than double its original goal. Initial shipments are slated for April 2015, and the Sitpack will retail for $50-55.