Smartype – the key(s) to faster typing?

smartype the key to faster typingIf you’re a two-fingered typist who spends more time looking for letters than actually hitting them, then a new kind of keyboard from KeyView may be able to help.

The keyboard, called the Smartype, features a narrow screen located just above the top row of keys, which displays what you’re typing as you type. Its maker claims the Smartype keyboard reduces typing errors, helps users type faster, and reduces eye and neck strain. And because you’re not constantly searching for letters or correcting mistakes, it should also help you to concentrate better on the task in hand.

The screen can also be used to display information such as your Facebook or Twitter feed. Email notifications, weather data and even stats relating to your computer’s performance can also be shown.

smartype keyboard

For beginner typists, the Smartype could well provide a path to faster typing, as presumably you’d get a better feel for the keys more quickly than if you’re always glancing up at the screen and back down again at the keyboard.

Touch typists, on the other hand, will probably find it of limited use, unless the idea of using the screen as an information portal appeals.

The Smartype keyboard isn’t yet available, though according to its website, it’s coming soon. No price is stated either.

If you’re the kind of person who yearns to be more Usain Bolt than Timmy the tortoise when it comes to bashing the keys, do you think the Smartype might be the answer?

[via The Verge]