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SoloShot2 tripod can be your robot film crew

You’re about to do something completely badass, or otherwise worthy of being filmed (since as they say, if there’s no picture, it didn’t happen). Or maybe you’re finally following your dream of becoming greater than Spielberg. Either way, that’s where the SoloShot2 comes in. It’s a robot, and unless you hang out with professional cameramen, the SoloShot is a way better cameraman than any of your friends.

In the most basic sense, SoloShot is a robotic camera base for a tripod that comes with a smart tag that the base can track. The base can pan 360 degrees at 80 degrees per second and tilt 140 degrees at 35 degrees per second, and can do all of this while following and focusing on the tag, which the video subject can simply strap on. Between 10 and 2,000 feet, the tag can be detected for automatic zoom. It’s also waterproof and shock resistant for extreme kayakers, swimmers, surprise rainstorms, and other wet conditions. The base isn’t waterproof or shock resistant, though, so treat it gently and keep it covered.

Soloshot tag

Up to 10 SoloShot bases and tags can be strung together to film multiple angles or subjects. Picture it — pun intended — as a robotic production crew that offers no complaints and requires no lunch breaks. You can also track multiple tags using one base.

Using the Camera Controller accessory, the tag itself can act as a remote control. Change your zoom settings or toggle on and off from a distance. With DSLRs the tag can trigger burst shots of up to 45 seconds. SoloShot is also a great choice for nature studies or time-lapse photography; it’s perfect to set up in a blind to monitor animals that avoid people, and it’s easy to pre-program pan and tilt degrees over a given time period.

soloshot watersports 2

The SoloShot is darn cool, but it needs a camera to work. It supports up to 5 lbs, and the controller works with both DSLR cameras and camcorders with a standard quarter-inch tripod thread. If you don’t have a camera, you can get the SoloShot2 bundle that comes with a base and tag, a Sony CX405 Camcorder, a camera controller and a tripod.

There are some limitations; the base has to be stationary, so no shots from a moving car or boat. It also won’t work inside; outdoor use only. Still, all the things SoloShot2 can do come in really handy for solo artists and extreme athletes who need an on-call cameraman.

The bundle with everything is $650, and you can get different setups or buy additional bases, tags and controllers if you need them. Awesome SoloShot2 creations should be showing up on YouTube at any moment.

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