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Some fun facts about the history and massive size of CES (Infographic)

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is almost here and it seems to be all I can write about today, so let’s just dive in headfirst. Sortable (via Mashable) has created a decent infographic that gives a bit of history about CES and all the gadgets that have been unveiled there. The show was started in 1967 and has marked the debut of many culture-changing tech products including the VCR, Nintendo Entertainment System, the HDTV, DVR, and the Xbox.

In trying to discover the best products unveiled at CES over the years, this graph also shows just how big of a mess the show has grown into throughout the last decade. Today more than 20,000 products are shown at CES, meaning 10 products come out every minute, making it impossible for anyone to see or learn about everything cool that’s shown off. Worse, those who attend must now find a way to sift through 28 football fields of booths. Hopefully this year there will be some stand out remarkable products and we’ll see more than just a slurry of nameless tablets, 3D TVs, and Ultrabooks, but it’s hard to say. The show just keeps getting bigger every year. With 20,000+ gadgets, we thoroughly understand why Apple continues to avoid CES and other big trade shows. Who wants to be one of 20,000 when you can hold your own event and be the only girl at the dance?


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