Sony Clie PEG-NZ90

Sony Clie PEG-NZ90

Photo courtesy of Sony Corporation of America

Following the PDA market, it is likely that you have seen Sony’s venture into the arena, their excellent SJ/SL series have left their mark on the industry, combining quality features and accessibility in an affordable package. Sony however is walking the path less traveled by other PDA companies, “bigger is better.”

Sony’s latest development, the PEG-NZ90 follows closely on the model laid down by the NV and the newer NX series. The NV70 and NX70v were unique in the fact that they had an integrated camera on the unit itself, the one downside on these cameras was their rather poor quality. The NZ90 has completely reversed this downside, and has replaced the .3 mega-pixel camera from the NX70v to a full-fledged 2 mega-pixel one! The 2MP camera has a built in flash, a 2x digital zoom, and for icing on the cake, is able to record MPEG4 video.

Think having a fully fledged Palm OS5 PDA with a 2MP camera is enough? Guess again. Sony has also included an MP3/ATRAC3 player in the unit, as well as a voice recorder and a remote control for home A/V, effectively combining 5 separate devices in one handheld unit. Included Bluetooth and the option for WiFi connectivity is also available on the unit. You’re also getting what is a very well designed mini-PC. The NZ90 features a built in QWERTY keyboard, protected under the beautiful LCD display. A removable battery is also another perk to the unit, as now the PDA does not have to be serviced to replace the battery.

Two obvious downsides can be found about the NZ90, the most important of the two is the price tag. This CLIÉ will set you back $799.99, and to make matters worse, the PDA does not come with WiFi connectivity, the Wireless LAN card will be adding on another $149.99, not to mention the requirement of a MagicGate media stick for your MP3s and everything else! (Come now Sony, 11mb (usable) is not enough anymore!). The second downside to the PDA is its sheer size. At a hefty 10.3oz, this PDA is not for the weak of pocket. In the end, it looks as though the one thing holding this PDA back will be the $1000 price tag on getting it fully functional.


Palm OS® 5.0
Built-in 2 Mega-Pixel Camera with flash and 2X digital zoom
Built-in Bluetooth™ for wireless connectivity with peripherals
Video recording (MPEG-4) and playback (MPEG-1, MPEG-4)
Integrated wireless communication slot (for PEGA-WL100 card)
High resolution TFT color display (320 x 480 pixels)
Swivel LCD design
Voice recorder function
Built-in MP3 audio player (Remote controller and headphones supplied)
Built-in QWERTY layout keyboard
AV remote control function
Polyphonic audio alert function
Memory Stick® expansion slot
AV output (via cradle, NTSC/PAL, JPEG only)
Removable lithium-ion battery