Sony’s New Hi-MD Digital Music Players

With Hi-MD technology, users can record up to 45 hours of music at up to 100 times transfer speed on one disc, while still enjoying the extensive battery life, compact design and robustness for which MD players are recognized. Removable, re-recordable Hi-MD media provides music lovers with unlimited storage capacity to build an infinite library of their favorite songs.

“Net MD Walkman recorders have been the top-selling digital music players for the past 18 months and with Hi-MD players, we’re giving music lovers more choices,” said Todd Schrader, vice president of marketing for Sony Electronics’ portable audio products. “Nothing’s been left out. We’ve created the best overall portable music solution that addresses digital music fans’ needs for high capacity storage and long battery life in a small and extremely durable device.”

Hi-MD Walkman recorders incorporate the ATRAC3plus