Spudtastic! 7-Eleven vending machine dispenses mashed potato and gravy

Maggi vending machine dispenses mashed potato gravyMashed potato fans in the US may soon be able to get a tubful of the white stuff from a vending machine if there’s enough demand for food company Maggi’s somewhat unusual creation.

The mash-dispensing machine is apparently a big hit in Singapore, where potato lovers in the city-state have been enjoying the spud-based snack at 7-Eleven stores for a while now.

A YouTube video (below) demonstrating the vending machine shows a rather runny substance pouring from the nozzle, followed by an equally runny helping of gravy. And there you have it. Mash and gravy. There’s a “mashed potato BBQ flavor” button on the machine too, offering something a little different flavor-wise.

We assume that the snack is produced from potato powder and water rather than freshly picked and peeled potatoes, so we wonder about its taste. And it really does look a little too much on the runny side for our liking.

The Tecca website was told by a 7-Eleven rep that “each 7-Eleven owner is responsible for requesting such hardware for their specific locations,” which opens the door for the possible appearance of the mash maker at a convenience store near you. But would you use it? Would a tub of mash and gravy beat a burger when you’re hankering for a quick food fix?

[Image: goodiesfirst]