Stick-N-Find Bluetooth-powered stickers will help you find anything

stick-n-find bluetooth sticker

Already smashing through a $70,000 funding goal on Indiegogo with 40 days to go, Stick-N-Find stickers will offer consumers the ability to find any object using a smartphone and a Bluetooth connection. After a user attaches a Stick-N-Find Bluetooth sticker to any object, they can check distance from the object using a smartphone application. In addition, the user can trigger an audible buzzer to hear the sticker as well as turn on a blinking red light housed within the sticker to see the object in the dark. This type of technology can be useful for locating lost car keys, expensive electronics like a smartphone or a remote control that’s buried in the couch cushions.

stick-n-find on keysApproximately the same size as a quarter, the Stick-N-Find sticker has a range of approximately 100 feet and the battery lasts about a year. When the battery is running low on power, the Stick-N-Find smartphone application will alert the user. After popping off the top of the Stick-N-Find sticker, the user can easily replace the battery. 

In order to find an object using distance, the Stick-N-Find smartphone application provides a radar screen to give the user an estimation of approximate distance. However, the radar screen does not show direction and requires the user to walk in various directions in order to target the location of the device. The radar screen will show up to twenty active stickers that are connected to the smartphone over Bluetooth. 

If a sticker moves out of the 100 foot range from the phone, then the user can turn on the “Find IT” feature within the smartphone application. Once the sticker comes in range of the phone again, the application will alert the user immediately. For example, one of the Stick-N-Find stickers could be attached to a piece of luggage that was checked prior to a flight. The owner of the bag can rest comfortably after the flight and wait for a smartphone alert rather than standing directly beside the baggage carousel. 

stick-n-find virtual leashThe smartphone application also allows users to trigger an alert if a sticker moves out of a specified range. Called the “Virtual Leash” feature, users can set a distance range for each sticker as well as assign names to the stickers.

This could be particularly useful to keep track of expensive items, pets or children. For instance, the user could setup an alert that would trigger if the family cat found a way to get outside to explore the neighborhood. Parents could attach the sticker to the clothing of small children to trigger an alert if the child gets too far away from their location. 

With over $116,000 already raised through the Indiegogo campaign, the team behind the Stick-N-Find Bluetooth stickers have setup a detailed production schedule that will deliver the first round of devices by March 2013. The group plans to show off the technology at CES in January and are currently developing smartphone applications for the iOS and Android platforms. According to the pricing information on the Indiegogo page, two stickers will eventually sell for $49.95 at retail. However, there are options from two stickers up to one hundred stickers at contribution levels of $35 up to $1,400.