The Horizontal Shower – for when standing up becomes too much

the horizontal shower for when standing up becomes too much 1If you find showering an unbearable chore with all the tiresome standing around and turning on the spot that it entails, then a German firm may well have designed a washing device that suits your needs perfectly.

Bathroom fittings and accessories company Dornbracht have come up with the Horizontal Shower, a shower which, as its name suggests, allows you to do what you have to do while lying on your back, side, or front. Stand up and you’ll bang your head.

The Horizontal Shower incorporates six shower heads – or what the company calls “water bars” – with the user able to control water temperature, intensity and quantity using the eTOOL, a small control panel located beside the head of the reclined user.

Three presets are included in the shower’s design, which apparently provide balancing, energizing and destressing effects – exactly the kind of relaxing treatment you’ll need after realizing you’ve forked out $35,000 on a shower.

the horizontal shower for when standing up becomes too much 2Speaking to the New York Daily News about the unique shower, Dornbracht CEO Andreas Dornbracht said, “This system allows an individual to personalize the shower experience and set the controls for whims, moods and needs.” Presumably his remarks were accompanied by a nod and a wink.

With six shower heads gushing gallons of H2O, those on a water meter might be wary about installing such a device, though presumably money is no object for anyone who can afford its steep price tag.

If you live close to New York and would like to see the Horizontal Shower for yourself, head along to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair on Tuesday (May 29) where it’s being shown off.