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The Resin skin temporarily mounts your iPhone onto any glass surface

Resin iPhone Sticky Guard

Whether or not you agree if iPhoneography is considered a true artist’s craft or a cheap shot at the real deal, you can’t fight the multitude of accessories that help make your mobile device the go-to gadget for photography. Such is the case when you apply the Stickable Resin guard onto your iPhone 4 or 4S, turning the device into a gecko-like gadget that you can mount onto a glass surface for handsfree functionality or photography stablization.

The Resin line, by Uguard.me, offers a variety of candy, matte, and metallic colors — all with the power to hold your iPhone against a glass surface for a short period of time. The set comes in a skin that the user applies to each side of the phone (except the screen, of course). To paste the phone on a surface, all the user has to do is make sure the case is clean and gently press the backside of the phone onto the desired location to keep it mounted. This is great for those who like to take pictures or videos from their car but can’t roll the window down and want to avoid window glares. You can also use the Resin to stick your iPhone to a microwave for a quick app use in the kitchen. 

Additionally, the skin also protects your iPhone from scratches and adds an extra grip for those with butterfingers. Uguard.me says the Resin guard is made with top-quality, durable, and anti-UV materials for superior protection. Should you want to remove the guard, the Resin also comes off easily without leaving residue behind. It’s even advertised to be able to stick onto your Macbook’s precious screen, though there really doesn’t seem to be a true reason to do that.

Of course, don’t expect the Resin to hold up your gadget forever. There’s no set amount of time the Resin is said to be able to mount your iPhone for, but the makers did warn that it’s not going to last “hours or days.” If you’re liking this sticky iPhone guard design for temporary mounts, you can purchase the Resin set for €15.50, or just about $20 USD. Watch the promotional video below to see how the Resin works and the various purposes it could serve.

For holding something a bit more permanently, you may want to check out the Steelie Mount which has the magnetic powers to hold your gadgets for just about as long as you want it there. We reviewed it and gave it our approval, even if it won’t protect your gadgets from scratches and misadventures. Besides, it doesn’t hurt to support fellow Kickstarters.

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