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This retractable bike rack scooter is epically wonderful and dangerous

Jared Loveless-scooteRack

When my brother and I were younger, my mom could only afford to buy us one bicycle to share. As a result, she padded the rear cargo rack with a pillow so I can sit in the back while my brother cruised us around the neighborhood. It was a bit of a janky hack – and while it worked, it was less fun for the person sitting than the one riding. Which is why this scooteRack retractable bike scooter may just change everything.

Designer and photographer Jason Loveless invented the scooteRack because he claims he wants to see more people get around via bicycles. “Imagine if you could double the number of bicycle users without doubling the number of bicycles!” he writes. The scooteRack attaches right on the bike’s cargo rack (just like my mom’s weirdo pillow seat) and folds down to reveal a foot stand and handle. The secondary rider can retract the scooter in seconds before they hang on tight as the bicyclist takes them both to the desired destination. It’s like water skiing… but on land! Loveless also says the secondary rider can give the bike an added push for better kick-offs.

While the idea is unique and cool, we’re not sure if it’s the safest of inventions. It’s hard for the bicyclist to see behind to check on how the scooter rider is doing, and quick turns can possible throw said rider off balance. The scooteRack makes a fun toy for kids riding around the park, but probably not the best solution to transportation like Loveless envisions. We also have to consider the possibility of getting the rack easily stolen if the bike is parked in a public place… because nothing attract thieves better than cool and unusual-looking stuff strapped to a bike.

With a little tweaking and safety precautions, Loveless may be onto a cool design idea here. We’ll keep you in the loop if he ever brings the scooteRack to mass production.

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