This Venus of Cupertino statue might be the artsiest iPad dock ever

Venus of Cupertino iPod Dock

Are you a patron of the arts who can appreciate both classic Roman mythology and high end technology? We may have found you a new accessory for your home. This Venus of Cupertino iPad dock is a strange and artsy yet very quirky station to turn your iPad into an interesting decor. 

Venus of Cupertino iPad DockDesigned by London-based artist Scott Eaton, the sketches for the prototype began since March of last year. We’re still trying to figure out the statement this iPad dock is trying to make. Is it a symbol of American consumerism? Are we that infatuated with modern gadgets? When the heck did Venus let herself go that badly? These days, she seems a bit more interested with technology than putting on a robe and embodying love, sex, and beauty.

The dock is compatible with all three versions of the iPad and can charge and sync the device through her belly button. Awkward? Yes. Unique and adorable in its own way? Eh, kind of. Eaton even calls his creation “stylish and sexy” so if you’re into this kind of thing, all the more power to ya.

According to Eaton’s web site, plans have already begun to put this lovely lady in production with shipping available worldwide. If you’re looking for a funky piece of home accessory, put yourself on the mailing list here for a slated summer release. Prices are currently unavailable but we hope for a modest tag to have this babe as our own conversation starter.