3 Way MP3 Player Roundup

Quote from the review at The Tech Zone:

“The DAH-900 128MB version costs $129.99USD. The DAH-900 256MB version is $169.99 which is cheaper than the Chiba and Pro-2.

Overall, I can’t declare a clear winner as I feel that all three players are a great buy. Each player has its own pros and cons but they seem to balance out in the end. The Chiba has great battery life, FM radio, easy to use, and the ability to add more memory. The DAH-900 has a very good battery life as well, FM radio, voice and radio recording, and is easy to use. The Pro-2 has a rechargeable battery with a shorter usage time, FM radio, voice and radio recording, built-in speaker in the front panel. It really depends on what kind of user you are and what your “must haves” in a MP3 player are.”

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