Tower of Power skyscraper provides clean energy for surrounding city

It’s always nice when form meets function. While it’s not often that we get to have our cake and eat it too, when it does happen, it’s all the more special. Taiwan’s proposed ‘Tower of Power’ is one such example.

The large eco structure, which is being developed by NL Architects, will utilize 600 wind turbines and produce 6MW of electricity for the city. On top of providing the city with renewable green energy, the ‘Tower of Power’ will also be utilized as a mixed-use building, with space allocated for a museum, cultural center, as well various office spaces.

Inspiration for the tall eco-tower is said to come from woven bamboo with the wind turbines that encircle the building taking the form of detailed flower petals, which create various gaps throughout, and offer stunning views of the city — all while powering the tower with clean energy.