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Startup Transmit Security wants to bring biometric authentication to more people

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The age of the password has come and gone.

With an ever-increasing occurrence of hacks and security breaches, it’s become clearer than ever that our traditional methods of securing data are falling short. After all, the most common password is still …”password.” But now, there is a new startup that wants to make security less of a hassle and more of a sure thing. Meet Transmit Security, a new security company looking to bring biometrics to the masses.

“Passwords are the weakest link in securing access to your applications,” the company notes on its home page. “Biometric techniques, new devices and new device sensors provide exciting possibilities. However, they can be expensive to deploy and manage.” But that is where Transmit comes in. By helping developers connect their applications to various biometric authenticators, including face, eye, and voice recognition, as well as fingerprint and OTP (one-time passwords).

“Other authentication platforms are single purpose — facial or eye or touch ID or fingerprint or voice — and require going through a [lengthy] software development lifecycle and code-level modifications to the application in order to deliver authentication via a user’s mobile device,” CEO and co-founder Rakesh Loonkar told TechCrunch. “The customer has to integrate many of these through coding. The Transmit platform eliminates the need to code, and complex use cases can be written in policy in a matter of minutes.”

Transmit hopes that by simplifying security, it will begin making applications safer for developers and more importantly, their users. By cutting down on the amount of time it takes to apply a biometric solution, Loonkar hopes to make them more ubiquitous. “A big benefit [of our approach] is that you don’t have to invest thousands of development hours on every project,” he said.

Already, Loonkar says Transmit Security has more than 10 million users who are enjoying levels of security they likely wouldn’t be able to achieve on their own. Transmit Security can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid configuration, and once an application is connected, developers can simply select their desired authenticators without touching the app.

So if you have the next million-dollar idea for an application, don’t just build it. Secure it, too, and perhaps consider securing it with Transmit Security.

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