UK’s Cottage Lodge hotel room features a pedal-to-power LCD television

UK Cottage Lodge pedal to power LCD TV

You’d think with the money you spend on hotels during your travels, the least they can do is provide you with all the amenities you need for a good night’s rest, right? Not always. For the exercise lovers and green-minded travelers, choosing to stay at the Standing Hat room at the Cottage Lodge in Brockenhurst, United Kingdom would mean you’d have to bicycle your way to even get the television running.

The concept isn’t to be cheap or rip off consumers, however. The idea features an entirely eco-friendly set up in which low-energy lighting, solar panels, and a wood-burning stove help to conduct sources of hot water, low-flow toilet and shower to help reduce water use. To generate electricity for the LCD television, guests can hop on a 26-inch wheeler and pedal the power into the TV’s battery pack.

“It isn’t a gentle speed – but equally it is not going to kill you,” the lodge’s owner Christina Simons told Gizmag. “In order to power the TV you need to do a little bit of cycling to get some power in the battery and then it will work whilst you pedal at a reasonable speed. The electricity is stored in a battery and then used to power the TV. This overcomes spikes of power as you speed up or slow down.”

Perhaps the Standing Hat room makes up for the lack of gym facilities at the Cottage Lodge for those who absolutely need to get some workout into their day, even while on vacation. Simons says the bicycle generator has actually received positive feedback from guests, especially those who are cyclers. Additional green quirks of the room include furnitures made out of recycled materials and environmentally friendly paint used to decorate the walls.

“I focused on three things when constructing the room: reducing waste, minimising pollution and using resources with the lowest impact possible,” Simons said. “I also wanted to show that being green can also be exciting and fun.”

A night in the Standing Room at the Cottage Lodge begins at £129, or $207 USD, per night with breakfast included. Of course, guests with lower staminas can also enjoy a stay in many other categories of rooms which utilizes electricity generated by photovoltaic cells harvested from the lodge’s roof. If you happen to be in the area, you can always sample the room for the novelty pending the hotel’s availability, or try your best to find a WeBike bicycle station to power your mobile devices.