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Ultimaker 3 is a desktop 3D printer that can print two materials at once

Ultimaker 3 Features Explained - Professional 3D printing made accessible
If you are putting together an early Christmas list, you cannot go too far wrong with the Ultimaker 3, a newly launched desktop 3D printer from one of the undisputed leaders in the additive manufacturing industry.

Among the printer’s top selling points is a new dual-extrusion system which gives users the ability to print two materials at once for more complex prototypes. This dual-head system opens up the possibility of printing more intricate objects, as well as the possibility of mixing two colors.

There is also Wi-Fi connectivity, in addition to USB and Ethernet connections. On top of that, there is a built-in webcam, which is connected to open-source software Cura and allows for remote monitoring of your print output.

That is not the only smart feature either, since the Ultimaker 3 includes automatic bed-leveling, for helping to prevent and correct any printing mistakes which might occur along the way. The 3D printer additionally has the ability to automatically detect the print material you chose and adjust its settings to fit.

We have not yet got our hands on a unit, but it sounds as though the Ultimaker 3 is one of the most promising and versatile desktop 3D printers yet available — and more than worth its $3,495 starting price tag.

Ultimaker 3 Reveal - The latest addition to the Ultimaker family

“We turn five years old as a company this month,” John Kawola, president of Ultimaker North America, told Digital Trends. “Since we launched our first product, it’s been a real evolution for us in terms of building capability, quality and performance into our 3D printers. The desktop printing space started with printers for hobbyists. As it’s matured, however, it’s become much more a tool for the professional. We’ve listened to that as best we can — and tried to look at what that market really values.”

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