Silicon Diamonds in the Rough: Unheralded Tech Advances for 2010

unheralded tech advances for 2010

In case you haven’t noticed, the same handful of names tend to dominate tech headlines. Every week, someone is speculating over Apple’s new iSomething, Microsoft is playing a new game of catchup, and Google engineers cause a privacy uproar when they sneeze. With the big players hogging the mainstream limelight virtually every day, certain products inevitably slip under radar. Here are 10 innovative, intriguing and downright promising products that you have probably never heard of.

unheralded tech advances for 2010 sanibulb2 Sanibulb

Deodorize and decontaminate your home with light bulbs

What if you could deodorize your house and block contaminants – such as smoke and pollutants – just by changing a light bulb? That’s the idea with SaniBulb, a CFL lamp you use to replace an ordinary light bulb – they suggest using one every 100 feet. The SaniBulb uses a thin nano chemical coating that is a photocatalyst (essentially, “oxygen on steroids”) – it works the same way a plant absorbs light and releases fresh air. Will the bulb help make your hotel room smell like it is brand new? We’ll find out.

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