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Uniden Unveils Home VoIP Phone System

Uniden has unveiled a 5.8GHz digital expandable corded/cordless phone with built-in Voice over IP (VoIP) technology at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The UIP1868 is a fully integrated VoIPhome phone system, deploying VoIP capability to a maximum of ten handsets and offering consumers the benefits of VoIP communication in any room of their homes. In conjunction with this productannouncement, Uniden introduces 2005 technology partners Lingo, BroadVoice and SunRocket. Proving interoperability with these Internet phone service providers will allow consumers to use one of theseVoIP platforms with Uniden’s UIP1868 as part of a complete and cost-effective consumer VoIP offering.

Available in early 2005, the Uniden UIP1868 and a VoIP subscription will allow consumers to take advantage of the extended features offered by the latest advances in voice communication. The UIP1868 converts standard telephone signals into a VoIP digital signal so they can be sent across a broadband Internet connection, offering consumers a low-cost, easy connection to broadband VoIP phone service.

Featuring 5.8GHz technology, the UIP1868 is compatible with Uniden’s TCX800, TCX400, TCX440 color screen phone and the new CLX500 flip phone accessory cordless handsets and is expandable up to a maximum of ten handsets without the need for additional broadband connections. As such, Uniden’s UIP1868 affords consumers the flexibility of utilizing VoIP communication at up to ten locations.

Uniden’s UIP1868 supports one telephone line and one fax line. Other key features include call waiting, caller ID, handset speakerphone, four-way conferencing, DirectLink two-way radio capability and a do not disturb setting.

“Uniden is proud to introduce the first whole house VoIP phone system to provide consumers with a cost effective way to integrate IP telephony into their households,” said Brett Morrison, national sales manager of IP products and business communications at Uniden America. “By partnering with the market-leading platforms provided by Lingo, BroadVoice and SunRocket, we can deliver a high-quality, cost-effective VoIP phone solution to consumers.”

The UIP1868 is backward compatible with Uniden’s current line of TRU 5.8GHz digital phone systems and will be forward compatible with future Uniden 5.8GHz phone offerings, allowing consumers to merge the UIP1868 with their existing Uniden phone products.

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