Discover a whole new microscopic world with uPeek, the pocket-sized microscope

For all those moments when you wish you could examine an object in excruciating detail (because I know those moments come often), it’s always a shame that you can’t just whip a microscope out of your pocket. But lament no longer, friends. With uPeek, you can have a professional microscope that fits in your wallet. The very niche (but very cool) device is credit card-sized and connects wirelessly to your smartphone, allowing you to “discover the microcosm in all its facets wherever you are.”

If you’re ready to discover the tiny, creepy, crawly organisms that make up the diversity of life, uPeek is all you need. Self-described as the first smartphone microscope that combines the functionality of a full-fledged microscope with pleasing aesthetics, the tiny microscope is paired with an Android or iOS app and lets you take some pretty stunning pictures of some pretty teensy thing.

uPeek features a motorized 4-element lens that allows for undistorted high-quality images. And thanks to its sophisticated illumination optics, your “specimen” will be placed in the best possible light. Best of all, everything is controlled wirelessly by the connected app, making your inspections a breeze.

While traditional microscopes (in addition to being rather large and bulky) require the user to make frustratingly precise manual adjustments to bring images into focus, uPeek and its built-in motor makes the process a breeze. Simply place the tiny microscope directly on your subject of interest, and get peeking.

With 22 days left to go, the “Swiss Army Knife of Microscopes” has already raised over $86,000, well over half of its final goal. While you can’t get the earliest early bird price of $106 for a uPeek, if you’re interested in discovering a whole new world by way of your pocket-sized microscope, you can still get your hands on one for around $136.

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